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Recording and presentation slides of workshop

If you were not present at the webinar regarding “2030 Market Design Webinar” @ENTSO_E
Watch now, for #free and access to the presentations #pdf.
Posted at 20-07-2021


TradeRES participated in the Entso-E 2030 Market Design – Stakeholder Webinar, on 10-06-2021.
Posted at 12-07-2021


TradeRES made a presentation on the project approach for a group of agent-based modellers (NREL, KU Leuven, University of Maryland, University of Cologne).

Posted at 09-07-2021

International Energy Workshop

TradeRES will participate in the 39th International Energy Workshop (IEW), 14-17 of june.

Posted at 11-05-2021

Euractive Virtual Conference

TradeRES participated at 30 of March in Euractive Virtual Conference on EU sector integration: How can the eu best create and leverage an integrated energy system? 


Posted at 26-04-2021

Participation in a tutorial

TradeRES participated in a tutorial: Virtual Tutorial on Ancillary Services and Their Role in Systems with High Shares of Variable Renewable Energy (VRE) on 16 of March.


Posted at 21-04-2021

Technical event organized

The event organized by TNO and VTT was a presentation German, ‘MIP-Based Electricity Markets: The impact of high-quality MIP formulations”, on 10-09-2020.

Posted at 05-02-2021


The passed webinar, on 25th January, “Lowering Emissions by Curtailing Renewables in Power Systems” made by German Morales is available. 

Posted at 29-01-2021

ICREN 2020

Last year TradeRES participated in ICREN 2020 in Montrouge, France, 25-27 of November 2020, with two published papers.

Posted at 05-01-2021

INEA workshop

We will participate and present TradeRES in the @inea_eu workshop H2020 Low TRL Smart Grids and Storage Projects Clustering, on 3rd December (12:20-13:20).

Posted at 02-12-2020

Elite Europe

TradeRES participated in Enlit_Europe (Formerly European Utility Week and POWERGEN Europe) from 30Nov to 2Dec.

Posted at 02-12-2020


TradeRES participated in CIES2020 – XVII Congresso Ibérico e XIII Congresso Ibero-americano de Energia Solar, from 3 to 5 November 2020.

Posted at 11-2020

ISGT Europe 2020

Participation ISGT Europe 2020, with a panel Session ‘Flexibility options for ~100% renewable energy systems: demand response and sector coupling’ with Imperial College and VTT.

Posted at 11-09-2020

TradeRES Kick Off

TradeRES Kick off meeting took place on 10th and 11th March 2020 at LNEG premises, in Lisbon. The kick-off meeting counted on the participation of all project partners, either in a presential or virtual form. This meeting allowed the involved partners to have the first discussions on the project, with special focus on the initial planned activities. It was also a floor for discussion on project management and internal communication guidelines and processes.