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Recordings of TradeRES 1st public workshop

If you missed TradeRES 1st public workshop, you can check the recordings here:
DAY 1:

Posted at 25-10-2021

TradeRES 1st Workshop

TradeRES project invites you to the 1st Public Workshop which will be held online by 20 and 21 October 2021, 14h00 to 16h15 CET (Brussels time) at Zoom. 
Registration is free and it will be possible to interact and participate in Q&A at Slack.    
Registration is free:
More information and program (pdf): Link


Posted at 30-09-2021 (Updated at 13-10-2021)

Participation in Strommarkttreffen PhD seminar/workshop

Online Strommarkttreffen PhD Seminar organized by two PhD Students from Hertie School of Government, Berlin featuring the following four presentations:

  1. Integrating Hydrogen in Single-Price Electricity Systems: The Effects of Spatial Economic Signals and Consequences for Redispatch (Frederik vom Scheidt (KIT) joint with Jingyi Qu, Philipp Staudt, Dharik Mallapragada, Christof Weinhardt) (Link)
  2. To what extent do renewable energy auctions cause a reduction of support payments and the construction of new power plants? (Silvana Tiedemann, Hertie School)
  3. Non-price and Price Determinants of Duck-like Demand: Pass-Through Costs and Welfare implications (Gloria Colmenares, University of Münster)
  4. Modelling Electricity Storage Needs in Europe: A Separation of Drivers (Alexander Roth (DIW) joint with Wolf-Peter Schill)

Posted at 01-10-2021

Participation in Summer School

TradeRES is participating in the summer school “Forecasts within Energy Markets”, from September 27 to 1 of October.

Posted at 28-09-2021

Participation in ICEER 2021

Yes, one more conference participation of TradeRES, in 8th International Conference on Energy and Environment Research, from September 15th-17th). 

Posted at 16-09-2021

Participation in INREC 2021

One more TradeRES participation, talk, at conference INREC2021, (International Ruhr Energy Conference), today and tomorrow (September 15th-16th).

Posted at 15-09-2021

Participation in SEEP 2021

TradeRES is participating in the #SEEP 2021 ( 13th International Conference on Sustainable Energy & Environmental Protection), 13th September to 16th, (online).

Posted at 14-09-2021

Participation in Competition CEC 2021

TradeRES participated in Competition @CEC2021 (Competition “Evolutionary Computation in the Energy Domain: Smart Grid Applications”) in Lille, France, at #WCCI-CEC – Link

Posted at 07-09-2021

Participation in Special Session CEC 2021

TradeRES participated in SS CEC2021 (Special session “Evolutionary Algorithms for Complex Optimization in the Energy Domain”) in Krakow, Poland – Link 

Posted at 07-09-2021

Recording and presentation slides of workshop

If you were not present at the webinar regarding “2030 Market Design Webinar” @ENTSO_E
Watch now, for #free and access to the presentations #pdf.
Posted at 20-07-2021


TradeRES participated in the Entso-E 2030 Market Design – Stakeholder Webinar, on 10-06-2021.
Posted at 12-07-2021


TradeRES made a presentation on the project approach for a group of agent-based modellers (NREL, KU Leuven, University of Maryland, University of Cologne).

Posted at 09-07-2021

Participation in IEW 2021

TradeRES participated in 39th International Energy Workshop. Freiburg, Germany, from June 14th-17th). 

Posted at 18-06-2021

International Energy Workshop

TradeRES will participate in the 39th International Energy Workshop (IEW), 14-17 of june.

Posted at 11-05-2021

Euractive Virtual Conference

TradeRES participated at 30 of March in Euractive Virtual Conference on EU sector integration: How can the eu best create and leverage an integrated energy system? 


Posted at 26-04-2021

Participation in a tutorial

TradeRES participated in a tutorial: Virtual Tutorial on Ancillary Services and Their Role in Systems with High Shares of Variable Renewable Energy (VRE) on 16 of March.


Posted at 21-04-2021

Technical event organized

The event organized by TNO and VTT was a presentation German, ‘MIP-Based Electricity Markets: The impact of high-quality MIP formulations”, on 10-09-2020.

Posted at 05-02-2021


The passed webinar, on 25th January, “Lowering Emissions by Curtailing Renewables in Power Systems” made by German Morales is available. 

Posted at 29-01-2021

ICREN 2020

Last year TradeRES participated in ICREN 2020 in Montrouge, France, 25-27 of November 2020, with two published papers.

Posted at 05-01-2021

INEA workshop

We will participate and present TradeRES in the @inea_eu workshop H2020 Low TRL Smart Grids and Storage Projects Clustering, on 3rd December (12:20-13:20).

Posted at 02-12-2020

Elite Europe

TradeRES participated in Enlit_Europe (Formerly European Utility Week and POWERGEN Europe) from 30Nov to 2Dec.

Posted at 02-12-2020


TradeRES participated in CIES2020 – XVII Congresso Ibérico e XIII Congresso Ibero-americano de Energia Solar, from 3 to 5 November 2020.

Posted at 11-2020

ISGT Europe 2020

Participation ISGT Europe 2020, with a panel Session ‘Flexibility options for ~100% renewable energy systems: demand response and sector coupling’ with Imperial College and VTT.

Posted at 11-09-2020

TradeRES Kick Off

TradeRES Kick off meeting took place on 10th and 11th March 2020 at LNEG premises, in Lisbon. The kick-off meeting counted on the participation of all project partners, either in a presential or virtual form. This meeting allowed the involved partners to have the first discussions on the project, with special focus on the initial planned activities. It was also a floor for discussion on project management and internal communication guidelines and processes.