TradeRES at Enlit Europe

The TradeRES project made a notable appearance at Enlit Europe in Paris, France. The project was showcased at a dedicated stand, where we presented specific topics and engaged in various sessions, including a sister-project session organized by the frESCO H2020 Project during Enlit Europe (as seen in the image below). It was a fantastic opportunity to share the accomplishments and results of the TradeRES project with the enthusiastic Enlit Europe community.

Over three days, we had insightful discussions, engaging talks, and valuable networking experiences.

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TradeRES Iberian Stakeholders’ Workshop

We collected valuable lessons from stakeholder interaction in our TradeRES Iberian Stakeholders’ Workshop: Electricity markets with high shares of renewables

Last friday, the first part of our workshop (Session A) was policy-oriented, covering the conceptual discussion of market design options and a presentation of our latest modelling results. The second part (Session B) was oriented for energy system modelers, offering a hands-on experience with the tools employed and enhanced in the project—Spine Toolbox, MASCEM, and RESTrade. We asked for your professional assessment and advice on further development of these tools. The second part culminated with a wrap-up session (Session C) discussing strengths and weaknesses, and future challenges. The two parts were independent of each other—feel free to join either or both parts of the workshop, depending on your interests and expertise.


Session A: TradeRES targets and outcomes
11:00 – 13:00
Welcome and Introduction
TradeRES project presentation
Market design bundles
The Iberian electricity market case study
Result analysis

Session B: Available tools and their utilization
14:00 – 15:30
Welcome and Introduction
Hands-on MASCEM-RESTrade simulation of market bundles
Open discussion on new market designs and products

Session C: Wrap-up and future challenges
15:30 – 16:30

Workshop on Market Designs in Germany and the EU

Last week, we hosted an energy workshop in collaboration with DLR, EnBW, and VTT, which garnered significant attendance and provided enlightening insights for the audience.

In the first segment, we delved into comprehensive research, presenting intriguing results. The second part was even more engaging. We conducted a hands-on tool demonstration, enabling participants not only to comprehend but also to gain the skills to apply the acquired knowledge.

From exploring market dynamics to experiencing practical tool demonstrations, the event emerged as a must-attend occasion for anyone committed to advancing the energy sector.

We eagerly anticipate sharing more of these transformative experiences in future events. Stay tuned for further updates and opportunities to participate.

Until next time!

TradeRES Stakeholder Workshop

🚀 The workshop is open to the interested public, there is no admission fee.

Registration link – Part 1

Registration link – Part 2


Preliminary Agenda – CEST (UTC+2)

Part 1: Research and Results

  • 09:30h Welcome and Introduction
  • 09:45h Capacity Markets and Energy Only Markets
  • 10:30h TradeRES Models, Cast Studies and Scenarios
  • 11:00h Break
  • 11:15h Support Instruments: Theory and Model Results
  • 12:30h End of Part 1

Part 2: Hands-on Tool Demonstration 

  • 14:00 Welcome and Introduction
  • 14:15 AMIRIS + Spine Toolbox: Installation and Execution
  • 14:30 Parametrise Market Designs in AMIRIS
  • 15:30 Break
  • 15:45 Backbone + Spine Toolbox: Installation and Execution
  • 17:00 End of Part 2

Requested Preparations
To avoid waiting times for downloads and installation processes during the workshop, we ask all participants to check if their system meets these requirements. Both, AMIRIS and Backbone require Python and Spine-Toolbox for the version shown in this tutorial.

Check Python
You can test if you have Python available by using the command python –version. This should show your Python version if the Python command was found. Note that if you use a Python environment manager you can have several Python versions on your system side by side. If you do not have Python installed on your system, you may use e.g. conda or mamba. We will use a Python 3.9 installation for this tutorial.

AMIRIS also requires Java JDK 11 or above. It operates on Windows, Linux and Mac. In this tutorial, we will use AMIRIS integrated within Spine-Toolbox.

Check Java
You can test if you have a JDK by using the command java –version (or java -version on some systems). This should show your Java version if Java was found. If you get a command not found error, or if Java version is less than 11 please download and install a recent JDK from e.g. here.


Backbone requires a working GAMS installation and licence.

Additional information:

Posted at 12-09-2023

Workshop presentations

Now you can download workshop presentations. 

  • Program | Download
  • Welcome and Contextualization of the Main Challenges to Ensure the Intensive, Efficient, and Secure Use of Renewables in Electricity Markets and Power Systems | Zita Vale Download
  • Challenges and market design choices for a sustainable electricity market | L.J. (Laurens) de Vries, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands | Download
  • Trading in Local Energy Market: Flexibility and Resilience | Goran Strbac, Imperial College London, United Kingdom | Download 
  • Energy Communities – Research Theory and Practice | Esther Mengelkamp, MK consulting, Germany | Download  
  • Management of Local Flexibilities in Distribution System Operation | Hugo Morais, Lisbon University, Portugal | Download
  • Impact of the Dynamic Operation of interconnection Lines in Market Splitting at MIBEL | Ana Estanqueiro, National Laboratory of Energy and Geology, Portugal | Download
  • How current market design proposals are threatening the expansion of renewables | Silke Johanndeiter, Energy Baden-Württemberg AG, Germany | Download

Note: recordings will be available next Monday.

TradeRES 2nd public Workshop

The second TradeRES workshop aims at bringing together different views on some of the main research and development questions related to the project, including discussions on wholesale market design, retail markets, ancillary services, system adequacy, sector coupling, and congestion management. The valuable insights to be gathered and the discussion conclusions will be used to complement and improve the project ideas and vision. Consequently, the workshop outcomes will be reflected in the market designs currently under development so that the different perspectives and needs can be incorporated into TradeRES comprehensive market designs.

Location: online (Zoom)
Date: 28 November 2022
Time: 13:00 – 17:00 CET (Brussels time)

The participation in the workshop is free but registration is mandatory.

 More information and program (pdf): here


TradeRES Webinars

We’re glad to all the 51 people that joined our first webinar last week, to see two tools developed and tested in the TradeRES project.
📢 See you today for the second part of the webinar.