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Breaking News: Project Extended

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This opens up new opportunities for continuous improvement and deepening our impact. Stay tuned.

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TradeRES at Enlit Europe

The TradeRES project made a notable appearance at Enlit Europe in Paris, France. The project was showcased at a dedicated stand, where we presented specific topics and engaged in various sessions, including a sister-project session organized by the frESCO H2020 Project during Enlit Europe (as seen in the image below). It was a fantastic opportunity to share the accomplishments and results of the TradeRES project with the enthusiastic Enlit Europe community.

Over three days, we had insightful discussions, engaging talks, and valuable networking experiences.

​​#EnlitEurope #IAmEnlit

TradeRES Iberian Stakeholders’ Workshop

We collected valuable lessons from stakeholder interaction in our TradeRES Iberian Stakeholders’ Workshop: Electricity markets with high shares of renewables

Last friday, the first part of our workshop (Session A) was policy-oriented, covering the conceptual discussion of market design options and a presentation of our latest modelling results. The second part (Session B) was oriented for energy system modelers, offering a hands-on experience with the tools employed and enhanced in the project—Spine Toolbox, MASCEM, and RESTrade. We asked for your professional assessment and advice on further development of these tools. The second part culminated with a wrap-up session (Session C) discussing strengths and weaknesses, and future challenges. The two parts were independent of each other—feel free to join either or both parts of the workshop, depending on your interests and expertise.


Session A: TradeRES targets and outcomes
11:00 – 13:00
Welcome and Introduction
TradeRES project presentation
Market design bundles
The Iberian electricity market case study
Result analysis

Session B: Available tools and their utilization
14:00 – 15:30
Welcome and Introduction
Hands-on MASCEM-RESTrade simulation of market bundles
Open discussion on new market designs and products

Session C: Wrap-up and future challenges
15:30 – 16:30

Workshop on Market Designs in Germany and the EU

Last week, we hosted an energy workshop in collaboration with DLR, EnBW, and VTT, which garnered significant attendance and provided enlightening insights for the audience.

In the first segment, we delved into comprehensive research, presenting intriguing results. The second part was even more engaging. We conducted a hands-on tool demonstration, enabling participants not only to comprehend but also to gain the skills to apply the acquired knowledge.

From exploring market dynamics to experiencing practical tool demonstrations, the event emerged as a must-attend occasion for anyone committed to advancing the energy sector.

We eagerly anticipate sharing more of these transformative experiences in future events. Stay tuned for further updates and opportunities to participate.

Until next time!

Plenary meeting #7

TradeRES concluded its 7th plenary meeting on September 19th and 20th in Helsinki, Finland. The agenda covered a range of critical topics, including a review of the current work plan’s progress, achieved results, and strategies for enhancement. Furthermore, the team discussed approaches to ensure project goals are met by its conclusion. Look forward to our presentation at the ECEMP event this week and at Enlit Europe in Paris next November.

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